Sometimes Studying Pays Off

Hanna Lei
A few weeks ago I had a Calculus 2 test. This is supposed to be the hardest math class that I'll take for my engineering degree, harder even than Calculus 3 or even Calculus 4 which I'll also be taking, but not for a little while. This test was supposed to be the hardest one of the class, and a few weeks before we were going to take it, my teacher passed out the study guides to us, he gives us a ton of problems (all worked out by him!) to study with, and warned us that last year after a twelve point curve the average was a 70%. Normally I'll just study over what he gives us but this time I decided I had to do a little more. So each day I would reread a section from my math book that was going to be on the test and redo my assigned homework over that section. This took me eight days at an average of two hours a day some sections were easier and took less, some were harder and took a lot longer. My last two study days (and the day of the test) I spent with my study guides, study guides that were much easier to do now that I had redone all my Calculus work. I spent probably five hours with these for those two days, and after taking the test the average was 72% (with the curve) but I ended up with a B. Maybe to some of you a B doesn't sound all that fantastic, but I remember a doctor telling me that a C in calculus is a victory, and I would have happily taken that on this test.

The same day that I was going to take my Calculus test, I also had an anthropology test. This is the one class in my schedule that I don't have to worry about he gives so much extra credit for just showing up and I already did well on the first two tests. I did read the chapters and go over some of the concepts two days before the test (a nice break for my brain from calculus) and ended up with a high A on the test. As of now, I have an A+ which doesn't improve my GPA anymore than a A but like that psychology class I had an A+ in  its still very nice.

The whole reason I'm writing this though is because of a physics test I took. If you remember the last test was a D average, and I'll be honest and say I did terrible. So bad that I didn't think I could recover from it. I was ready to drop the class, but since it is required I figured I could sit through it and try and learn something. When we had a test coming up right after spring break I didn't really want to study for it (thinking I was a lost cause)  but basically my whole spring break that's what I did studying using the same strategy that I did with the calculus and I felt like I had wasted a whole bunch of time. That is until I got back my grade and saw I got a B, even though the average was still around a D for this test. As long as I do well on the last test studying in the same way I did for this one, I'll easily be able to get past the C- cutoff. That means I won't have to retake it over summer driving three days a week to school, and I'll be able to take something else, towards my psychology major instead, which are GPA boosters. So for me at least all that studying paid off.

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