Snowed Yesterday, C++ Midterm Today

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 Yesterday there was snow and more than anything I was hoping that school would be canceled like the last time the snow made college close I mean we were supposed to get like 8 inches. Of course though that didn't happen and we only ended up with just enough to cover the roads. Since I'm now driving a very low to the ground car that made my drive a little less fun, but it wasn't too bad. I went in early expecting that my physics homework would take me a whole lot of time, luckily though it didn't although about half way through doing it that Creepy Math Class Kid texted men asking if I wanted something to eat since he was on his way over. Of course I told him no, and took that as a warning to go sit somewhere a little out of the way so when he did come to school I wouldn't talk to him. Of course though the building I was in (the one where the class is) has this modern design where everything is very open, and he found me. I did manage though to keep busy studying my C++ stuff that way I didn't have to talk to him.

I think one day when I get to my breaking point I'll do some sort of full on rant about this kid, but as for now let me just say he creeps me out. He doesn't understand that I don't want to date him, no matter how many times I say no and I don't get it. I mean the above picture is exactly what I look like at school. No makeup bad eyebrows and terrible curly tangly hair, but he that doesn't stop him from always sitting next to me, and constantly texting me. 
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Afterwards I went to physics class where we had our normal lecture, that always lets out an hour early. I feel like maybe that's part of the problem of the D average test because we're only in class for half of what the meeting time should be. I mean its great getting out early but I am (or rather my parents are) paying for the class. Since class let out an hour early we had a ton of time before the C++ class, where we were having a test, actually our midterm. Of course the class should have been studying but we started the What if game about our teacher not making it to class. We also managed to realize that no one had started the group projects yet, and my group tried to convince me to do the whole thing, because I'm the best at it, but it isn't going to happen.Of course he was there ten minutes late like normal and I took my test. I did okay on the multiple choice questions and 3/4 programs I nailed. The last one the "challenging one" I worked on but didn't know how to have two different functions in a program, something I'll need for my project. Hopefully though I'll get a ton of partial credit to make it okay. 

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