Snow in Almost April, Physics Test

Late Snow day

that's all it is
 I know that the last time I posted was monday about using state quarters in the vending machine and I know that means that I skipped Tuesday, and I absolutely hate skipping a day since it was one of my goals to blog daily.  I almost didn't get that post up Monday because I was studying for physics, but I'll go on to my Tuesday. I got up a little later than I normally do, but still about an hour until class, and tried to look at my physics a little bit. Actually that was the only book I brought with me to school that way I could focus solely on it. I had planned on studying through my anthropology class but it was too much of a distraction to do because we were watching a video turned up very loudly. After the video he asked a volunteer to read a page out loud for extra credit points, and I of course was too shy to do it. Of course I should have done it like I did last semester for extra credit in every class, because I want that A+. After the class I went to a place where I normally sit to start studying for my physics test and looked outside and saw that it was snowing. Its kind of funny because its a week after spring break and not only is it around 32 degrees but its also there is snow and its almost April. Another thing I noticed while studying is this flier for some kind of event the English club at my school is putting on. The main person is a "master of spoken word" I don't know why but that made me laugh so I had to take a picture of it.
that's all physics drawing of friction
 Here's a free body diagram of one of the things that I had to study. Each thing individually isn't that bad to learn, but all together its overwhelming. When I went to calculus I did way more studying for my physics test than I did listening to lecture, but tomorrow for sure I'm going to pay attention to my whole calculus test. It'll make studying for the next test a whole lot easier. When I went home I took an hour nap and then worked on Physics until late at night, before going to bed. I got up and went to school early to study some more, and surprisingly I wasn't the first one there. We ended up getting a copy of the test from four years ago and studied that which was actually helpful on the test that I took afterwards. Then it was time for my normally stressful drive home, where I'm always freaking out thinking something is wrong with my car, and this time I improved significantly.
blogger surprise
When I came home I had a package that I'm going to review soon from the same company I did the green earth pan review for. I'm hoping I can get it up by the end of the weekend but I have a huge project for computer programing to do as well as another thing in line in front of it. Tonight I did manage to go on a run, and then a short walk with my dog as well as finish up two book reviews. I honestly feel really blessed right now, and I'm for sure going to be writing about that soon.

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