Should Have Programed, Rainy Day

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 When I woke up this morning it was raining. A little funny since two days ago it was snowing, but by the time I left it was more of a mist than anything else. The drive to school wasn't too bad, I didn't have any silly thoughts about my car, but when I got there I had to park a little ways out, because now that I'm not arriving two hours early the closer spots are taken. Had this been a nice day out I wouldn't have minded the walk at all but it was raining again, and although I had managed to wear rain boots (that didn't match my pink shirt from kohl's) I somehow didn't think to wear a jacket with a hood so my hair was wet, but that's okay since I didn't make it look nice anyways. When I went into the building I didn't  have too long to wait before class started, and just worked on some calculus homework. 

In anthropology, I did finished up my calculus, which only took 7-8 minutes and then listened to lecture. The lecture itself was quite boring, too much politics and talk about former US presidents but the topic of outsourcing jobs was very interesting, even though my professor didn't do all that great of a job talking about it, it did change my perspective. Afterwards I went to see if anyone had their math done which of course they did not. Since I had finished all but one I didn't know how to do I started working on that and took a break to eat my hummus dip and lentil chips which were great in case you wondered and then tried to use the Body Glove Energy Gel  to wake me up but it was way too nasty. 

While I was waiting for someone from my calculus class to come work on it with me, I decided to take a few photos of myself, some in the bathroom where the lighting is yellow and then some by the windows where I sit and study. After looking at them, I realized I need to start working on how I look when I go to school because I think it gives the impression that I'm a slob, I mean the boys I know do more work on themselves in the morning then I do. So there's change in my future. 
blond girl photos
After calculus, where I paid attention a good part of the time, I drove home and did have a little stressed out moment thinking I had a flat tire. I have no idea what a flat tire is actually like to drive on, so I'm not sure why that's the issue I always think my car has. Of course it didn't actually have any issues, and I got home safely. I wish that while I was at school I had spent some time working on my program, but maybe I'll end up getting some done tonight, and all day friday that's what I'm doing.

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