Sami People and Sorry Sad Face Picture

cold weather and rain do to car
This morning I had the hardest time getting up. My mother tried twice, but because I knew I didn't have to be at school yet, I didn't really listen. The reason she was doing it though was because I was parked behind her and she had to move my car to get out. I guess she tried to tell me but I was not having it and now I feel bad, especially since I left right after she did. Anyways, for whatever reason, parking wasn't bad today at school, but I did notice all this terrible ice by the wheels of my car, that I'm sure can't be good for the tires when I'm turning and the tire hits the ice. Just another reason to wish for winter to be over. Unlike yesterday when I had my C++ midterm it didn't seem nearly has cold and I didn't have to walk one building and then the next to the next. I studied a little, I guess second time is a charm for understanding the current math section I'm working on and talked to a psychology major who's planning on working with the deaf when he graduates. During class we learned about the Sami people by watching a video about them for most of class. I have to say I liked the video, and their culture seemed interesting, but I didn't quite get how they were oppressed like my teacher said they were. 
this is a coat from aeropostal
Afterwards I checked my email, nothing interesting of course, and then worked on my math. When I took a bathroom break I set my stuff down on the counter like I always do and headed towards the stall. Before I made it though I hear the automatic sink turn on and rushed back over to the counter thinking all my things had slid in and would be wet. Luckily though it was just set off by one of the bottom strings on my Walmart backpack. As you can see in the picture that's my winter coat, the warmest one I have which is a military style type that I got from Aeropostale my sophomore year of high school.   
natural long eyelashes
When I was about half way done with my calculus homework I got really bored and after a trip to the vending machine decided to send this picture to my friend as a sorry for being mean. I'm supposed to look very upset in it and I think I did a good job. I want to point out how long my lashes look, which are completely makeup free. If they were a little darker I think I could pass for having eyelash extensions and I have no idea how this happened. I mean I've never had bad eyelashes but for awhile now they just seem great. After finishing my calculus is was almost time for the class so I went to talk to my engineering whatever you call them and then paid some attention in class. 

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