Review: Philosophy Hope in a Jar

I've seen the Philosophy products at Nordstrom for awhile now, and although I was curious about them since I already have so many different lotions and the price range for Philosophy products is a little high I haven't had the urge to get it. Luckily though my mother was given it as a gift and didn't like it because it isn't creamy enough for her and gave it to me. I'm so glad she did because I absolutely love Hope in a Jar as a face moisturizer. 

The trademark look of Philosophy products is a white container with a black lid. Mine is a 1 fl. oz oz so its in a little jar with a twist off black lid. The philosophy for it, having to do with hope of course is "where there is hope there can be faith. Where there is faith miracles can occur" I don't have any problems with the packaging, and I have to say I like the twist top and small size, making it much easier to leave out. 

Opening it up the smell is very lemon and orange citrus. Something in-between Disney Resorts H2O and Nivea Touch of Happiness on the smell. Its feminine for sure, but not overpoweringly so and I really like it. The texture is very light, almost runny almost unmeasurably so in comparison to Garnier Moisture Rescue lotion which I'd normally consider very light. Somehow though this doesn't affect its absorbency because it easily goes into my skin and makes it feel very smooth.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar is my favorite face lotion. It smells great, I like the packaging but most importantly it really works. My skin feels smooth after using it and if I rub on my skin it doesn't have that nasty grease come off, something that I've had a problem with from almost every other lotion I've tried. Even though Philosophy is a more expensive brand, I'm going to be re-buying it in the future. 

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