Review: Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo

Pantene Miracle Repairing Shampoo
Pantene Pro-v 
Repair and Protect
Miracle Repairing Shampoo

I've tried quite a few different hair products from Pantene, like the Color Hair Solution conditioner  and the Classic Shampoo so when I saw that I could get this Pantene Pro-V  Shampoo I jumped right on it, when it came to my house and I saw it was a miracle repairing shampoo I was extremely happy because my hair really is a problem, it naturally has an odd texture, but with all my flat iron use the ends are in pretty bad shape. 

Starting with the packaging, I'm not a big fan. This is a drug store kind of shampoo and it really does look like it. I do like though that it has the name easy to read and the type of shampoo repair & protect. I'm not a big fan of the graphics on the front of the bottle, but I like the big print of the ingredients on the back.

Starting out this shampoo smells good. Not girly or masculine just clean and simple. The color is a white, and its very creamy and a little runny. It suds very well, and although I wouldn't call it a tangle free shampoo it didn't make my hair stick together. It was easy to rinse out as well. 

Overall I like this shampoo. I've noticed that it has helped my hair look less damaged and I like the gender neutral smell. It doesn't have the best bottle but its cheap, and I might use it again in the future. 

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