Review: Jergens BB Body Cream

Picture of Body BB cream
I absolutely love BB cream, (I swear by Hydroxatone BB Cream)  ever since trying it its my go to look for flawless looking skin, and it actually has helped improve my skin over time with sun protection and moisturizing. So when I saw this Jergens BB Body Perfecting cream I knew I had to give it a go. Its supposed to have multiple actions like hydrating illuminating evening firming and correcting your skin, all of which sound fantastic. Plus in five days Jergens claims that this BB Body Cream with improve your skin. I got the one for all light skin tones, and since other people think I'm very pale, I guess that's perfect for me.

Starting with the packaging, since this is a Jergens skin cream I'm kind of feeling the gold. I love that its shiny and not matte as well as dark gold. The twist of top, is so much better to me than one that you have to pull open because they always break, and with a bottle this small squeezing it out is super simple. I do wish they had some more product information on the bottle though!

Normally the smell of these sort of things like the Beautisol Self Tanning Mousse smells a little funny but this lotion actually smells good. The color coming out is a light tan color but it blends into the skin to be almost unnoticeable. It actually goes into the skin quite quickly and doesn't leave any residue.

I have to say that I really like the Jergens BB Body Cream. It doesn't offer the coverage like face BB creams, so the name might be a little misleading but it does make my skin look a lot nicer after using it. It also moisturizes well, and smells kind of pleasant. I'm so going to be using this Kergens BB Body Lotion again in the future.

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