Review: Garnier Clean + Daily Exfoliator

Review: Garnier Clean Daily Exfoliator
When I saw this Garnier Clean Balancing Daily Exfoliator I knew that I had to try it out. I'm for sure someone that uses a scrub as a facial cleaner (it just works best for me) and I've had some luck Garnier skin products  in the past. Plus I absolutely love the Garnier Fructis Fortifying Cream Conditioner. This cleanser is oil free and for combination skin. Its supposed purify, make your skin softer and clear up the t-zone. In one week excess oil is supposed to be removed and skin texture is soften and complexion is balanced. 

Starting with the packaging I can't really say much at all, because this is a sample, and not one of those mini bottle samples but the kind that comes in packet. I have see the bottles in stores though and I have to say I like that they stand on their lids, making it easy to get the product out and how easy they are to squeeze. I love too the pink color. 

Opening it up the smell isn't strong at all, you have to actually try to smell it, but when you do its pleasant. The Garnier Clear Balancing Daily Exfoliator it has a pinkish translucent look and feels really cool to the touch. To use simple squeeze onto hands and gently massage on to wet face of course avoiding contact with your eyes. The beads are much smaller than the ones employed by Clean and Clear Blackhead eraser  and feels nice on my skin. I do have to say though it is a little trouble rinsing off and feels kind of heavy.

Overall I think the Garnier Clean + Daily Exfoliator is great. It as a pleasant smell, and feels nice going on my skin, so it would be just fine for people with sensitive skin. I do wish though that it rinsed off easier and didn't make my skin feel sticky. If only it were more creamy like the Olay Regenerist Cleanser.

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