Review: Broadway Nails Sunshine Disco Polish

Broadway nails sunshine disco on
Broadway Nails is a high shine nail polish, that is a very cheap drug store nail lacquer. I'm talking $1 kind of polish, which in my opinion gives it a leg up to begin with because I don't feel guilty about buying another nail polish when I already have so many when it only costs a dollar. Unfortunately I'm not the biggest fan of this Sunshine Disco nail polish, and I don't think its just this color because the same problems I have with it, I had with Broadway Nails Natural Bronze Polish

Starting with the packaging it looks great. You can clearly see the color, the bottle has a pleasant shape and its very recognizable as Broadway Nails. The bottle is even easy to open. The problem though is that the barcode wrapper that acts as a safety seal for the nail polish has the nail polish color name and number Sunshine Disco #38 which you take off trying to open it. The brush also isn't very great. 

The problems don't stop at the bottle design issues. Applying the polish, it doesn't go on evenly or all that smoothly, this may be a brush issue or it might be the formula. I do know though that after two coats this nail polish doesn't cover anything and looks more like I colored my fingers with a highlighter than applied Sunshine Disco nail lacquer. The only good things I can say are it doesn't smell strong, or take very long to try, probably because the polish is so watered down.

Overall I would not get this polish again, even though it was only one dollar. I hate that it doesn't have the nail polish name on the bottle, and it applies horrible. If you're looking for a yellow I'd go with Avon Sunshine Nail Polish or Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

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