Outfit: Sammydress T-shirt Cheetah Print Back

ootd cheeta print

Here's my outfit post today, what I wore to school, basically the kind of look I wear to college any day. The main piece is of course (given away by the title) is the front pocket leopard print back white t-shirt I'm wearing. Thanks to Sammydress for the shirt. I think the last post I did on them was a Sammydress clothing and beauty haul, which is something you really should check out if you're curious about Sammydress, they have such a variety of products. A few of you might see this look as a little too casual, but  wearing dresses and skirts in below freezing weather is terrible and high heels are way out when there is any amount of snow. Plus since this is a college outfit there has to be some comfort. 

Skinny Jeans - Abercrombie Haul
Knit UGG Boots - Christmas Present
White Tank - So Kohls Haul
Cheetah Print Shirt - Give By SammyDress

The first thing I decided to pair with my shirt, because it is a little on the looser side is a pair of skinny jeans. Some of the best looking jeans on me happen are Abercrombie ones so that's what I went with, which is great because the others that look good, like Burberry jeans are quite a bit more expensive. The next thing I paired with the shirt is the white tank, because the cheetah print shirt is a little thin, and with loose shirts I almost always wear something underneath them. The last piece I added to this outfit is the knit black UGG boots that I was given for Christmas. I wanted something black and soft so I decided on these. I was playing around with them though and saw that they also look good all the way flipped down, so if I have them in another outfit post I might do that. 

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