My Walmart Trip

walmart trip

Today after a very long nap that I shouldn't have taken, considering I still have so much left on my spring break to do list, I went to Walmart to pick up a few things and although I don't think most people would consider that much of an adventure I always find a lot of interesting things happen. I completely dressed as a stereotypical Walmart shopper in my yoga pants from Christmas and Hug a Vegetarian Tee from Peta, it was so comfortable though that I don't care. Going in I saw that I wasn't the only teenage girl dressed in this fashion, and I saw quite a few in their UGG boots to go with it. After browsing the food section even though I didn't need anything I went down an aisle and saw all of these books, to be honest I was surprised. I didn't know books at least hard copy books really sold anymore. I mean sure I review hard copy books but I assumed most people just bough e-books because they're cheaper and you can take them with you anywhere. 
walmart perfume collection
Walking down another area, I saw all of their perfumes of which they have a lot. Its kind of pointless though unless you already know what you want because there aren't any that you can sample. Oh and forget opening up a box and smelling it yourself because they have those plastic protection things over them. When I went to look at the hair stuff, a group of people were in the aisle as well, and a man (under thirty) was showing them that he had a pistol in his waist band. I almost couldn't believe it, but then I remembered that I live in Indiana, and honestly it didn't make me feel any less safe so whatever. 

After that I went to look at the clearance items and to tell the truth there wasn't really anything that good. Nothing seemed like it was really marked down that much. I had much better luck with my dollar general haul sale wise. To be honest I think I saw a lot of things that were normal price with just an extra sticker on them. 
its on the ground at walmart
 I was surprised especially with the time that I went that the check out lines weren't bad at all, so I can say that Walmart had enough people working for the day. When I was leaving I saw that there was a smashed up cigarette on the ground which is fantastic. I was also tempted by the subway inside as I was  walking out the doors. We decided to carry our items out to the car instead of worrying about what to do with their cart because it seems like there are never enough places to put those things. I think I'll be doing a small beauty haul in the next few days after I get reviews up for the products. 
walmart picture of cart

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