Life Photos: Face Hoarder

more face than I can take
Well, as it would seem I've accumulated some more photos of my face I think there are twenty here to be exact and being the digital hoarder that I am, or maybe data is more accurate I could bare to let them go so although I don't have anything to say about them I'm going to post them. I guess its a whole lot better than being a for real hoarder , because I'm not actually taking up any space with this stuff. Seriously though I've watched that show (more than a few times) and its always amazing to me the things that people keep. I can almost understand them wanted all of this stuff, although I wouldn't go around buying that many things, but sometimes its just trash in their home. They keep rotten food and plastic bags.

On a side note I noticed that I'm doing this weird face thing sometimes when I take pictures. I tighten up half my face and leave the other one. I think I'm going for some cute half smiling thing but it doesn't turn out that way.

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