I've Got to Get in Shape

angry picture of Hanna Lei
Originally I was going to use a smiling picture of myself for the start of this post, but then I realized that I don't really want to make this a happy kind of thing, but rather a disappointed in myself post so instead I went with a messy hair and puffed out lower cheeks kind of photo because as I'm sure you've noticed I've recently been taking quite attractive pictures of myself, so why not stay with that trend. Anyways, what I was trying to get at earlier was that I really need to get in shape. 

Since my senior year of high school ended, just over a year ago I've put on twenty five pounds. This might not seem like too much except for the fact that I started out just over a hundred meaning those twenty five pounds are a huge percent of my weight. I'm not that big of a person and have a small bone structure to go with that so the extra weight does show, and unfortunately almost all of it has gone to my stomach, with some filling out my face and thighs (not a good thing!) as well. I don't fit into some of my old pants, and the ones that do fit, are quite a bit tighter than I remember them being almost to the point of being uncomfortable. 

That's not all either, its not just the weight. I can feel how out of shape I am. A mile and a half run took me 19 minutes when I did it the other day, and as I'm sure you can guess by that time, I didn't spend all that much time running. I get out of breath from doing the simplest things and carrying around more than one of my college textbooks makes my arms sore. 

Recently I've been starting to make some effort at getting in shape like my three weeks of move nourish believe , and running every other day but if I'm going to check it off my spring break to do list I need to do a little more than lifting five pound weights and a running a few miles a week. I need to get my diet in check and be more active. 

I have take the before pictures of how I look, and I was thinking about posting them, but they're so bad that until I have my after pictures I'm too embarrassed. I'm hoping in the month and a half I have I can show you what I've accomplished. 

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