I feel like its Spring Break Already

Hanna Marie Lei
 I know that I kind of mentioned on Saturday that I was going to be really busy with tests, so I didn't just completely disappear with no warning, but since I normally blog daily, not doing so for three days is kind of a big deal. I'd like to say a lot went on during that time but… it was mostly just studying. Today though that's all over and even though I have school the rest of the week since no big assignments are due it feels like its already spring break so here I am back to blogging. I have to admit that I do have a whole lot of backdated work to do on this here blog over break as well as some studying.  On Sunday I hung out with my friend, who arrived around 10 and who I only wanted to stay until twelve but it ended up being more like two before they left. On the bright side though I did end up getting one of my chores done thanks to them which would be going to Walmart. 
Betty Crocker spray icing
 The chore I had to do at Walmart was get my U by Kotex Tampons, which is about the only reason I go there and it happens about once a month. Being the easily distracted person that I am, I wandered into the food area and found these icings on a shelf. I had no idea that there was such a thing as spray icing and although I'm not sure I'd like it better than spray cheese I think it would make a great snack food. Afterwards we went to the self check out where my card wasn't accepted and I had to pay cash. I kind of panicked but after checking my account online and then getting gas later it became clear it was either a user error or a Walmart error and not a denied card. The rest of my Sunday was spent doing school work some of which was Physics, a class that I still absolutely hate. 
picture of truck with dirt
 On Monday, while on the way to school at a stop light (see my light is red) I took a picture of the truck in front of me. They had so much dirt over their license plate that it was impossible to read what it said. Since there wasn't that much other dirt around, it kind of seems like they did it on purpose. I sat through physics, another test coming up sometime soon, hopefully this won't be another D average test , this being one of the things to study for over spring break. Then it was time for my computer programing class, where the teacher was actually ten minutes early for once. He had graded our last homework and the midterm 10/10 and 48/50 so I extremely happy about that. Since the weather was nicer out I had no problem walking without cutting through the buildings through my car, when I got home I studied a little more mostly on Anthropology before becoming too tired. 

Then there was today. I woke up and got ready making sure I got to school an hour before class started and then went to work studying calculus for 45 minutes and then anthropology for 15 minutes. I mostly looked over quizzes for anthropology since I had read the chapters last night. Going in he let us begin before class had even started and since I was one of the first ones done that meant that I had an extra hour to study. I did get a little distracted though and visited the vending machine a little more than I should have but I actually did get a lot done. When it was closer to time for the test I met up with some of my classmates and got to see pictures of a baby goat. Then we got on the subject of miniature cows and I was compared to one "They have huge eyes, and wouldn't be worth eating, just like Hanna" So I guess I'm a cow, but that's okay because I'm a little one. Then it was time for the test which was awful, but they always are so that doesn't mean anything.

fed ex in windshield picture
On my way home, the drive wasn't bad until I got into town. Then almost magically it seemed, I was surrounded by semi - trucks. One in front two on my right side, and one in back of me. In my tiny little car I felt like I had been trapped the worst part though was that since I'm so low to the ground in the car and they're so large I couldn't see a thing. When I came home I checked my anthropology grade (because its a scantron) and saw that I got a 94% not bad for barely studying, and if I keep it up I think I could end the class with an A+. I then went on a short run with my dad and then a longer walk with my parents and checkers the dog. I'm happy I was able to get some healthy activity in. 

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