I don't always take bad pictures of myself

girl with green eyes
But lately that seems to be all I'm posting. Yesterday I even posted two bad photos of myself . I don't think its that I actually look any different, I just haven't at all been caring about lighting or angles and not at all about making myself look nice. I hope that once I have a few days of spring break sleeping in all that will be over. Speaking of which I think tomorrow I might do a list of things I plan on getting done by the end of spring break, because there are a few things I really want to do. Today before I left I had to go to the post office and pick up a package. How the streets are it makes me nervous but I didn't end up having too much trouble pulling out. When I came back, I had lunch and then went off to school using my car for the first time since it had to be towed away.  The whole way to school I was nervous that something was going to happen to it, and since their was so much wind it sounded like there would be. 

When I got to school even with the wind I walked the long way, because it wasn't that cold outside and I much prefer that to walking though all the buildings. Once inside I sat down and started working on the lab, afterwards I should have been doing something but ended up just wasting time until some classmates came and I could check my work with them. The lab today was super tedious and boring but I tried to pay attention. Just lifting up on a block with the motion sensor under it and measuring data. Afterwards I came home and read the paper seeing a very creepy story. 

As far as my day goes, that's about it. Tomorrow along with my list of things to do over break I plan on getting up an outfit post with the shirt that came from the post office. So tomorrow maybe I'll have some nice pictures. 

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