Goodbye Visual Studio

Hanna Lei serious
This is a picture from when I was playing with chicks but I think it's very fitting for today. I got up around 11 and worked on physics for awhile. Then I ate lunch and started studying for my computer programing class, for a quiz that was due by midnight. To tell the truth I'm not at all sure why its okay that we had a quiz due since until Monday my spring break isn't over. I feel bad for my classmates that didn't even know it was up since he didn't say anything about it in class and it wasn't up until Wends day. If someone was away on break they wouldn't have thought to go looking around for it either. These quizzes are so hard too. I have to go through his powerpoint and read the whole chapter and then  just like last time I ended up with a 9/10. 

The problem began when I tried to go into my Visual Studio to work on another thing due for my C++ class, a silly homework program. Opening it up a Microsoft it told me my month long trial had ended and I would either need to buy the product sign in to Microsoft and continue from there. This was pretty odd considering I got it from the school which I'm assuming pays (at a reduced rate) for us to download and use software we need for class, I mean if you remember at the same time I downloaded C++ I also got Photoshop and I haven't had any problem with that plus I downloaded over two months ago not 30 days ago.

I was seriously panicked not because I was worried about the homework, I could easily finish that up at school, but because I have a huge project that is due next week and none of my group is working on it I  can't do with out it. So I went to the buy option thinking I could just get Visual Studio for $100 I mean it'd be cool to have around, and then I saw the price was actually $3000, and I was shocked. I ended up trying a whole bunch of things and it seems like I've gotten myself another 90 days which will put me past the end of the class. If this doesn't work though, I'm in another very bad position. 

So I guess the moral of the story is to not trust that you're getting something when you can't hold it. There was nothing in my download saying it wasn't permeant, so of course that's what I would assume. Now that I think about it though Microsoft has this new(er) idea of doing annual subscriptions for all their products, so I guess this is a part of that, and I'm not at all impressed, I just wish I had some other option.

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