Freshman Year Spring Break To Do List

  • Catch Up On School Work 
  1.  For my calculus class, I have two things to do. The first is go through old sections that I wasn't really paying attention to because I was more worried about the test and they weren't going to be on it. I like to go through and redo my homework and reread the textbook which I think does help me on the test. The other thing I have to do is new homework that we were given yesterday as well as an extra credit problem. 
  2. Study for Physics. Since that whole D Average Physics test  I have a feeling this physics test will be pretty bad too, and since our study guides are absolutely useless I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time with my book.
  3. Write a Computer Program. I think I talked before about how my group pretty much dumped this whole project onto me, and even though the teacher ended up pushing it back a week I'm really hoping to get it done over break. To tell the truth I don't mind too much because I do actually like the programing and I'll have my dad to help me. Plus when you do it yourself you know its going to be done right.
  • Make Some Things
  1. Its been so long since I've worked on my wooden chest, that I'm sure everyone else has forgotten about it, but I'm really hoping to be able to visit my grandparents over break and stain it. I've already bought the black stain I want to use as well as the brushes, and even picked out a place for the chest in my room.
  2.  Bake desserts. Almost every night after dinner I've been wanting something sweet to eat, but haven't had time to make anything. Since I love cooking (depending on what it is) I really want to bake some dessert type foods, cookies, cakes whatever over break.
  3. Do a Few DIYs. I'm not sure exactly yet what I want to do in the DIY category but I'm really wanting to do at least one crafty kind of thing with my week.
  • Blogging Things
  1. The first blogging thing I need to do is catch up blogging about old things in my phone. I have so many random pictures that I need to put in collages and post. I don't even have to write very much about them just do a little documentation. 
  2. Write a few reviews. I've gotten a few new products lately and although I've been testing them out I haven't wrote about them. I love writing beauty reviews and want to do some over all the products I've been using.
  3. OOTD Over my spring break I want to do a few How to Wear kind of posts because I feel like a lot of you guys really like them. I also want to do a few posts over what I'm wearing. I think I need to start making these with more quality pictures after seeing my Cheetah Print Back Shirt Outfit post
  • Things for me
  1. Eat healthier. I've been working on what I eat, and without the vending machine around me the perfect time to work on that, and the easiest time. Well except for the fact that I have unlimited access to the refrigerator. 
  2. Work Out. I have roughly a month and a half to get in shape (if all goes well I want to do a before and after) so I really need to get on that. I'm trying a run one day arms the other day kind of a thing because my biggest priority isn't loosing weight but working on my stamina and muscles.
  3. Make some money. I have a few things I'm wanting to get sold on ebay, as well as some things to consign over break. I wouldn't be opposed to getting some more blog work over the break either since I don't have time normally during school time.

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