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Well, I know I'm not supposed to be visiting the vending machine like I do quite so often, but its still kind of an every day thing for me. I went to the over $1 snack section to get this honey bun. Right afterwards I was asked if I wanted to get more half priced pizza but I didn't want to because I swear this honey bun thing really filled me up. It was a little messy and sticky to eat though.

Next is a sandwich that I had at my grandmother's. Its your typical everything on it from lettuce and pickles to tomatoes. The best part is that everything is grown in their garden. I think I ate this when I was working on staining my wood chest. Then during computer programing class I ate this sandwich which was very similar.

The other day I was given Starbucks K-cups and since I'm not the biggest coffee drinker I thought they'd all go to my father. I decided though to try one and I have to say their new blonde roast is my style for sure.

I'm not sure if you remember or not but I did a review of this snack pack hummus and lentil crackers, and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I ended up really liking it though I just wish the hummus didn't make me think of puke.

Last is what my main goal of going to that gas station on the way to my grandparents was to get. I absolutely love these fried potato things, and they're so cheap. It seems like I'm  always in luck when we go because they're fresh.

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