Food Photos: Orange Cupcake White Macaroni

food that I eat
My food photos in this post are all over the place, but I'll start with the orange soda cupcake I had at school. A kid in my same major made them, actually not for me, but the person they were for went home early so he had them, and I ate one. I was quite impressed that they actually tasted good, and were like the Fanta drink. 

On the bottom left is something I'm sure I had for lunch either on a Monday or a Wednesday before I went to school. Since I eat the whole can there is no point in me putting it in a bowl before eating. I call it saving dishes. Seriously though this kind of soup (Chunky) is my absolute favorite canned soup.

A big KitKat bar that came out of the vending machine that I ate while studying calculus. Next is two bags of sun chips. I only bought one, but it got stuck inside and I didn't think I'd get it, but somehow two ended up getting two. I ate the first one and saved the second one for a snack for later studying.

Above that is a meal I had at Easter with my Grandparents. A sandwich on a roll (the hardest bread I could find there) cheese lettuce and some sort of meat. On the side I had what I think is white cheddar mac and cheese, which isn't as good as the yellow kind in my opinion.

The last meal is a dinner I had at home made by my mother. French bread for a sandwich, cheesy rice, and green peppers on the side. 

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