Food Photos: My Thai Place

food at my thai place
So my father is a very big fan of this Thai restaurant that's actually called My Thai Place. Going in it looks like its going to be any basic mom and pop shop, based on location, and of course the outside of the building, but when you go in its a totally different feel. The floor is very pretty the tables and chairs are very nice and the door to the kitchen and bathroom are so fancy. Its not Thai really but Thai inspired for sure. Looking at the menu I had no idea what anything was but I was happy that they had little peppers telling you how spicy something is. 

I decided after looking at the menu and then pulling up an image on my phone to go with what you see in the main picture. Before my main meal arrive this soup form my dad did, and let me tell you it tasted exactly like those cups of ramen noodles that you buy all dehydrated. When my meal came I noticed that not only did it kind of look like cat food, it smelled almost exactly like my used cat cricket's wet cat food. Even though it didn't taste bad I had such a tough time eating it because of this.

On the plus side though my father's meal was very good, and the heart shaped rice was so cute. I think mine would have been better had I made it more clear that I did want my meal kind of spicy. By the way if you go to My Thai Place be sure to get an egg roll they're fantastic. I would go again, but next time hopefully I'll get something more to my liking. 

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