Food Photos: Eating Baby Plants

baby plants being eaten photo
So my mother has been growing this new food in our house. We've had herbs for a very long time, but somehow she got the idea to grow sprouts. I actually had them a long time ago on my Hawaii trip but didn't blog about it because I didn't have a blog then, although I wish I did. I liked them and so I was happy that she decided to start growing them, and with a mean of broccoli and pork as well as snow peas I had them fried. They kind of make me feel like I'm eating little babies though, which is kind of true.

Next on the picture list of foods that I eat was this very brown potato and vegetable stew. With it I had cornbread and tomatoes. I have been craving some more lately, but haven't seen them out at stores so I guess I'll have to wait.

The next two are both from the vending mating. There is the Chex Mix muddy buddies that reminds me of puppy chow we used to make in school and it is so good although a little expensive considering how little food you get. If I got a regular sized bag though I'd just eat it all at one time, so that wouldn't work. Then there are the M&M's blurry photo. I decided just to keep it that way though since it's more unique. 

A sunday lunch that I had one day was buttered Italian bread two pieces, with a bean salad. The beans were a little dry though I think that could have been fixed had we soaked them in the oil for a few hours before eating them.

Last is some sort of sweet and sour chicken that I had. It was really good but that off white thing next to it wasn't all that great. I don't even know how to describe it. The rice wasn't really my thing either but the corn (which I helped cook bag and freeze) was good as was the tomato. 

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