Food Photos: Baskin Robbins Sunday

picture of a sunday
So I have a few food photo posts that I'm wanting to get up by the end of today even though I got a pretty late start. First up is the Sunday (I think that's how you spell it) that I had at Baskin Robbins the other day. I had two scoops of chocolate fudge ice-cream and then on top of it pineapple, whipped topping and a cherry. I'm kind of went with the pineapple on a whim, trying to make my food a little more healthy and it was really good. Totally different ice-cream than the homemade kind I make

One below that is a drink that I got from the gas station while on my way to go stain my wood chest. We always stop at this gas station and get these potato wedge things and while we were there I saw that the drinks were all super high priced (twice what I pay at my school's vending machine) so I went with this one that had the price on it and it ended up being good.

One night for dinner we had chili at my house made with sauce that my grandmother had canned herself from products grown in their "garden" it was really sweet though, not sure if she meant it to be that way so I added some taco bell hot sauce to make it more my style.

For breakfast one day I had way over cooked bacon, still trying to cut out meat but obviously I'm not that successful and green waffles, not blue ones. I still have no idea what blue waffles are and I don't want to do a google search because I'm sure its nasty.

One above that is bean soup that my mother made for me. I'm more of a stew than a soup person (I like it less watery) but this was pretty good. I'm pretty sure to go with it I had cornbread. 

Last is a burrito that I ate at my house one day before leaving for school. I was sitting there trying to eat and realized that the cat and the dog were both sitting watching, and waiting for me to share and my bird sister was saying for me to give her some. My life isn't easy, and I ended up with only half a burrito in the end.

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