First Day of Spring Break, Was Actually Productive

gloves by sidewalk
 This morning I woke up from one of those half awake dreams, not one of those sleep paralysis things, but the kind of dream that seems extra real because you're in your normal surroundings and its a very possible thing. Mine was that I ended up with a 7% on my calculus test, which would be about impossible since he told us he was going to curve it by ten points. When I woke up I did check my grade to make sure that wasn't the case and of course it wasn't in yet. I finished up my goals for spring break and then decided to get some packages ready to take to the post office, before going though I decided to eat lunch. When I headed out I had my winter coat and mittens, and although it was windy it wasn't cold at all and since I didn't feel like going back inside and putting everything back up I just carried it with me. I'm sure a little funny to my classmate who passed me while I was walking. When I got to the post office it was about five minutes until the end of their lunch break and of course that meant I couldn't get in so instead I just made my walk a little longer. 
is it ice or snow
 On my little walk (only about a block) I passed by the elementary school I went to when I was little and all the kids were playing out on the playground. Even when I passed onto the next street I could still hear them. I had no idea that I was that loud when I was their age. When I finished my extra walking I went back into the post office and dropped off my books. So with my walk there and home I think I did a pretty good job at working on the get healthy part of my goal. When I came back I worked on making posts out of my old phone photos, and got quite a few done, and managed to get my photo count to less than twenty. I even did two reviews, the Philosophy Hope In a Jar Lotion as well as a review of Tone Petal Soft Body Wash I still have a few more reviews to do before I go back to school, but I did put a pretty good dent in it. About the time I finished the shower gel review I looked at my grade for calculus and it was up. I ended up getting a B which for me is a huge accomplishment, especially since the average was a little low. 
old german flag
Afterwards I went to Joann fabrics for some terry cloth to be used for dog bibs, I don't really understand but since they aren't for me I don't think I can question it. On the way in I saw that this person had the german flag (and old national animal) on the front of their truck and being the child of immigrant parents that I am, I had to to take a picture of it. After I was done at Joann's we went to Olive Garden for dinner  which was good, but way too filling. Coming back I did one more blog post to be backdated, and wrote a few emails. Now all I have to do is my arm work out things and I'll be done for the day. I hope that the rest of my break can go as well as this day has. 

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