First Day Back After Spring Break

3 different state quarters
 This morning I woke up hoping to watch a video before I left (one that was roughly an hour long) but since it wasn't online, I just went to school early. I picked a spot in the sun which felt great, but was actually quite hard to see because it was so bright. Then I sat their studying for a few hours but only getting one section of physics done, and then was hungry enough that I headed to the vending machine. Somehow in my backpack I had just enough change for a candy bar, so I didn't have to put in a five and end up carrying around pounds of coins with me. I noticed though before I put them in the vending machine to get my snack  that they were all different state quarters, and that reminded me of when my father and I used to collect currency. After I sat down and ate my candy bar it was almost time for physics so I met up with other people in my class, and talked to them. I showed them a song, and no one was fond of it, but that's okay.

Physics ended up being so boring. He quickly went through the lecture, which is bad enough and then just did simple math problems on the board. None of it was hard, just figuring out which formula to use where was the problem. I'm hoping to do well on the next physics test so I would have much rather spent that time studying for it. On the bright side we were passed back homework and I got 105% on it.
visual studio restart
 When I went to my computer programing class it was about thirty minutes until it started, so I figured I could work on my homework for the class that's due Wednesday while I waited for class time. When I was opening up the Visual Studio I saw that it had the start menu, like it did the first time it was installed which makes me think my home computer wasn't the only one with Visual Studio Download problems I ended up finishing the homework by the time class started, twenty minutes late since the teacher never bothers to get there on time, and today wasn't too boring. I do have to say though that I'm totally stressed about the project that's going to be due, since it seems even more obvious that its going to be me doing the whole thing again, and after seeing his example it looks like a whole lot of coding. 
photo zoomed in
While he was showing us the program I attempted to take a few photos but ended up getting absolutely nothing. I did take this funny picture of my foot all zoomed in though. Then he mentioned the quiz that some people didn't know about saying it was their fault for not check the school email or having it set up to send notifications all the time. So I guess they just end up with a zero, if it were me I'd complain due to the fact he didn't put it up until the middle of spring break and it was due before we got back. Oh well, I guess I should just be happy I saw it on the course site. Tomorrow my day consists of class, study three hours, class, watch a game, and hopefully more studying after the game.

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