Fail at Pulling Out of the Drive, Studying + Lab

in the snow car
 So this morning I left pretty early, not before lunch though so I guess I should just say not late, and when I went to start up my car I saw this. Last night not paying attention I had basically parked in the snow instead of the driveway so I had to get my boots all wet, getting into the car. Then since I was trying to pull out of the driveway from the side that I normally don't I had to back up and pull forward twice. A huge fail since my driveway is an oversized two car kind, and I'm driving about the tinniest vehicle that isn't a smart car. I realized something while driving, when I about had myself convinced that I have a flat tire, and that's that I really do worry too much about my car like when I thought my wheel fell off, what can I say? I just wish I could use some sort of public transportation, even a bus would be better, I mean I could do things the whole way then. Once I got to school I had to park way out, and although it was below freezing walking wasn't too unpleasant. When I went inside one of the buildings I realized what all the extra traffic was about, it's job fair day. Lots of companies looking to hire students and students looking for jobs and internships. If I were a little more shameless I would have made my rounds getting free t-shirts and pens kind of like at homecoming, I guess there's always next year though.
its calculus
 When I got to school I started right away on my calculus. I was a little distracted though because I knew I should be working on my physics pre-lab and finishing last weeks lab that would be due in a few hours. It ended not taking me very long to do those things but by that time that creepy kid who was bothering me yesterday  showed up and kept talking. He still seems to think he can get a date out of me, but it won't happen. I at least should have tried to hid like I tried yesterday when he sent his daily "Hey I'm going to school now, want me to get you anything" text. Which now that I type it out seems really nice, but if you knew the kid you'd know it isn't. He did completely ruin my study time though so no calculus was done although I did get to play a few online games. 
physics lab really picture
Then there was the physics lab. This one was so long, with multiple tests we had to run but the professor ended up cutting out one of the tables as well as three of the problems, so we hurried along and made one of the kids print out graphs for each of us that way we could turn it in before we left. As I was walking to the parking lot that math class kid called me and asked me what I was going to go do, of course being me I answered honestly and then he asked me to go get dinner to which of course I rejected him. When I was almost to my car I saw him creepily following me in his car, if there hadn't been other people in the parking lot that would have been a real problem.  When I came home I had a little relaxing time and then dinner. Afterwards I worked with my father on what I'm going to have to do for a group program, since it seems none of my group is going to do anything. That's fine though, I just won't be writing their names on it. I mean, I'd hate to do it to them since I see them 4 days a week but there is no way I'm giving them a free ride on a project that's going to be 20+ hours. After that I did actually work on calculus and got done everything that I needed to even with Cricket the Cat's attempts to distract me. 

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