Face Collage at College, Studying in the Bright

lots of pictures of blond girl
 So this morning I woke up about 6:30 with Creepy Math Kid calling me. As soon as I looked at my phone I pressed the top button so it'd stop making noise and went back to sleep. Its what I would have done to anyone, but when I did get up and ready for school I was pretty mad about it. I guess since he called me yesterday  he thinks that's a new fun thing to do. When I got to school I worked on calculus homework and then decided it was time to take pictures of my face for picture of the week. This time around I took a whole bunch like when I couldn't decide what picture for the week or the prettier pictures from my Monday back at school, this time though it was more of a deliberate thing because I like having these collages of random, and mostly unflattering pictures of my face. Then it time for my anthropology class, and he must be liking videos because we watched another one this time about how negatively the internet and computers are affecting young people. There were all kinds of things and even the author of a book about "The Dumbest Generation", its all really silly because if anything computers are making people more informed, and I've been using them basically my whole life and I'd like to think I'm doing just fine. I guess that's one thing I don't really like about anthropology, the constant conflict. 

Then I went to study calculus and visit the vending machine three times. Once for a drink and twice for snacks. I can't say that I'm proud of that, especially since I didn't run today but there are for sure worse things. I do need to start working out though I don't have any time with two huge tests next week and a quiz I really need to do well on. I don't know how some people do things. 
what it looks like
So here's where I was sitting and studying its the best I can do as out of the way so I don't get distracted by my friends. The chairs aren't nearly as comfy as the ones downstairs but the quite is nice, and they always change out the artwork there, this time to quilts I don't know who makes these things but they make me happy. I did get distracted though as two very huge girls sat down to talk (I'm surprised they fit in the chairs) . The whole time it was about some girl that one of them was friends with and how she liked to sleep around, and how she was a lesbian. The main story was how she did that with a boy that the girl who was telling the story had a crush on, even though she told her friend not to do it. Honey I'm sorry but if this boy is banging another lady he's not that into you. Personally I'd never date a guy like that. It went on though to how she made her friend jealous by texting the girl's ex boyfriend and honestly it all seemed a little made up, but maybe I'm inaccurately judging based on the girl's appearance. After they left (of course taking the elevator) I went back to studying, before going downstairs to meet my classmates. It seemed everyone was having trouble with last two problems the only ones not graded on participation and it took about half the class working on it together before class time an hour which meant no pizza. When I came home I had dinner, and realized I have to do two more blog posts tonight which I'm going to do while eating some shrimp I've been wanting for awhile. 

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