Drive My Car to Get Pizza, Start of Spring Break

My day today started out with me heading to anthropology, but before I left I had to scrap the frost off my car. It wasn't bad getting it off, but my hands were freezing afterwards. Somehow I always forget to put on my Oasap Nordic Gloves, until after I'm already in the car. When I got to school parking wasn't to bad, but it was cold so I had to walk from building to building. I didn't have too long until anthropology class, where we learned about different stratifications of people and the whole one percent thing. After looking at that I realized if they count the home that people are living in, I think the data would much different if houses were counted in wealth. Afterwards I took some pictures, wearing my leopard print t-shirt and sent them for pictures of the week. I also fell asleep for about thirty minutes in a chair, and I'm not ashamed at all. I forgot to put blankets in my car so I couldn't sleep there.

Then I went downstairs about the time that my engineering classmates came and we decided we wanted pizza. The kid with the biggest car drove last time, and since I was driving the second biggest it was decided I could do it. Since I can't drive though I made someone else drive my car which might not have been that great of an idea. Apparently "in town windows down" is a thing and when you're going sixty and not in town its still a thing and so is climbing into the front seat and trying to get yourself through the sun roof I guess. We did the whole half priced pizza before but this time we ate it at the place. 

Coming back I had to sit through calculus and was just worried about my grade on the test the whole time. I don't think I did all that good. When I came home I went for a run and then a walk with my dog,  I'm hoping that by the end of April I can be in decent shape.

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