Don't Worry I Can Change My Eye Size

Hanna Marie Lei

Hanna Lei

still too big of eyes picture
The other day I received a comment from who I'm assuming is a read of mine, but could have just as likely been someone who just happened upon my blog, telling me that I shouldn't make my eyes look so big in pictures. I'm not sure if they realize that I can't really do that, although as a joke I did take the above pictures as my attempt to change the size of my eyes. To be honest though even though I've been told for as long as I can remember that I have large eyes, I don't even realize that they're bigger than a normal set of eyes, and since I don't "see it" comments like how gross my eyes are don't bother me. It is kind of strange though how this random commenter though that they should give me a suggestion on what to do with my features on my own personal diary.

Don't get me wrong, I think getting suggestions from other people can be a great way to improve yourself, but when its coming from someone who, has no idea what they're talking about its a waste of my time. Comments I do like are ones like on my post about getting in shape. Some people were telling me their workout routines, what they eat and how they got started. I've also had suggestions on my outfit posts on another way to wear a certain shirt and an easier way to do steps on DIY's. 

On another note of things I'm not all that fond of it turns out that I won't be able to continue working on my Spring Break to do list, thanks to a whole bunch of school work, that just came up. I just found out today I have a quiz and homework for my computer programing class that are due before spring break is even over, not to mention the project I already knew about, that along with studying for my physics test will be about all I do.

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