Caturday: Cricket Won't Let Go Of String

I remember two weeks ago when I did Caturday with Cricket playing fetch I said that I was going to be doing one every week, and last week let me tell you, I really did try and get a video up. I think I tried filming cricket three different times, but of course she wasn't doing anything interesting when I wanted her to. So for this week I filmed a video of her in action, which wasn't today but rather a few days ago when I wasted a lot of time. About the video though.

I was sitting in the office studying, cricket being my supporter, when my mother came in to talk to me. Of course she forgot that she had her sweatshirt strings hanging out, and as soon as Cricket saw them she jumped up and got one. Once she gets a hold of something she doesn't let go so I was able to get a pretty long video of her playing. I just sped it up a little and cut some out. 

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