Book Review: Deeper than Red

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Deeper than Red
By Sue Duffy

In this finale to the Red Returning trilogy the plot to resurrect the Soviet Union takes a daring dive into the churning depths of the occult. Concert pianist Liesl Bower has twice folded the plot and is again in someone's crosshairs. So is her musician friend Max Morozov, whose father was a Russian mole buried deep in Israel's Department of Defense - escaped back to Russian or so it seems. Now the conspiracy has snared twenty year old Tally Greyson who's only trying to extract her mother from colony of mediums in the Florida Keys, How does that figure in to a Russian plot of subversion? In a most bizarre way. But under the balmy skies a hemisphere away from Moscow, an even deeper darker force prevails more ominous than the red menace of man's own evil. And each player must choose where to place his or her trust - both for this life and the next.

Sue Duffy is an award winning writer for publications such as Moody Magazine Sunday Digest and The Christian Reader, and the Author of the Red Returning trilogy Mortal Wounds and Fatal Loyalty. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association and the former editor of metropolitan and inspirational magazines. She and her husband, Mike live in Columbia South Carolina

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