Book Review: Critical Condition

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Critical Condition
By Richard L. Mabry M.D.

It was supposed to be a quiet dinner party with her colleagues not the scene of a murder. But the murder of a strange on her front lawn is only the first in a string of events that have Dr. Shannon Frasier's life teetering on the edge of chaos. She's unable to make the deeper commitment her boyfriend deserves. Her sister shows up at her home needing a place to stay but with no promise she'll remain sober. And her father is diagnosed with cancer. 

The Shannon's life stops teetering and plunges into the into the abyss. Because the person behind the guttural voice on the phone wants to know what the stranger said before he died. And he won't stop until Shannon gives him the information he wants - even if she doesn't have it. He's coming for her. She's not sure the police on the case can be trusted. And her only hope of escape - for herself and those she loves - is to overcome her buried past.

I have to say when I saw the cover of this book and that the author is a medical doctor, I thought it was going to be something of a self help book. I was very surprised when I started reading to see it was a murder mystery book, although not a regular kind. Instead of focusing on the victim, or the cop trying to uncover the crime, this one focuses on Shannon Frasier. Its a great read for anyone who loves suspense novels, especially if you're looking for something a little different. Oh and on a side note I really am into this author's writing style. If you liked The Reichenbach Problem or Dead Men Kill this is the book for you.

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