Book Review: Candle Bible Handbook

book cover picture of candle bible handbook
Candle Bible Handbook
By Tim Dowley

This book is packed flu with facts about every book in the Bible. There is an FAQ section to explain some of the mysteries of the bible. You will find out who wrote the bible and why the did it. You'll discover the purpose of each book in the bible. There are lavishly illustrated maps time charts photographs and panoramic illustrations. Lots of background information on the people and places of bible times. In every section there are study questions to go over. 

Dr. Tim Dowley who has taught Religious Education at London Comprehensive School, has written and edited many books and resources about the Bible. His other books include My First Bible and many in the popular Candle Essential Bible Reference series. Tim lives in South London with his wife and has three kids.

I have to say when used a bible in church one day that had maps in the back it helped me understand so much better the bible stories, and Candle Bible Handbook blows that out of the water. This is a great guide to both the New and Old Testament. I found the writing to be very easy to understand and it didn't go on and on with more words than I needed. All of the graphics are fantastic. Going through I was almost in awe of the drawing of Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus, Solomon's Temple was great to look at. If you liked Candle Bedtime Bible for your kids or Bumper Wipe Clean Activities this would be a great book for you. 

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