At the Farm, Working On a Chest

Hanna Lei holding a baby

Hanna holding a chick
 This morning I went bright and early with my father to my grandparents. On the drive there we stopped at a gas station to get drinks in snacks, and no gas. When we arrived it was still pretty early and a little cool so my grandfather went up with me to the barn and turned on the heat and showed me how to stain the wood on my chest. I worked on it until about two and when I finished my grandmother was already getting food ready for everyone. For lunch we had Turkey sandwiches and chips. 

After lunch I went to see the baby chickens that my grandfather had ordered. In case you're worried that they're going to get eaten later in life, don't! They're the egg laying kind. Going into their building I could hear them chirping and I absolutely love the sounds they make, its so pleasant. I decided to take some pictures, first with a black one because those are the cutest in my opinion but since those didn't look all that good I decided to try with one of the yellow chick which turned out looking much nicer. I tried some with a duck too but he was too afraid of me, so I didn't push it.
first bulu box
When I came home I watched a college ball game, and got to work on a blog review of the Bulu box. I finished the video, but the whole review might take me a little while because I want to do reviews of each of the included products. Looking back at the video I think I need to work a little on my lighting, and widen my vocabulary, but you know. I also managed to get some physics studying done I do have to say I'm happy though I'm very happy with the progress I made on my spring break to do list but I wish I had another week because its almost over.

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