What I Want in Life

Hanna Marie Lei
Over the weekend something happened that has changed my opinion on a few things. Its not nearly the big deal that I thought it was when it happened, at first I was really sad, then kind of mad, but now I'm already at the point where I don't care all that much. It did make me me think about creating my own life goals, because I didn't exactly have any. I mean I wanted things, but its never put them out in a list to say that's what I wanted, the last time I did all of my goals, was almost a year ago, and a few things have changed since then but its surprisingly similar for a lot of my goals. 
  • If you remember, not long ago at all I talked about how I need to grow up, for something that I want, well although for about a week I wasn't so sure I really wanted the goal mostly because I had messed something up big time, but the more I think about it the more I really do want it. Its just going to be so hard to get, and I have to leave so much of it up faith which, isn't easy for anyone to do, I did put it at my top though because its been an on and off thing for a few years. 
  • Then there is my school work. As much as I say I don't want to be an engineer I know that it'd be a degree that's worth all the stress and the hard work. If I fail a class, and take an extra year, that's no big deal, it happens. Maybe that isn't such a bad thing because I would love to get the certificates for case management and substance abuse counseling. Not only that but some business classes, or even a business double major (or one in psychology I'm still undecided). 
  • As for my blog, of course I want to be big famous superstar, but more realistically, I want to share my life, be able to engage with my readers and have opportunities that wouldn't normally be available. Of course I also want to be able to make enough to support myself on, and get going with my youtube channel. 
For later in life I have more goals, but their so far off that its hard to write about them in any detail at all. For work though I don't really want to do a typical engineering job, and would prefer management, meaning I'll probably have to get my MBA, on weekends I used to want to work at Tiffany's because of their amazing jewelry and the discount I'd get. Now though I think I'd rather do some sort of counseling, hence the need for those certificates. I do plan on doing my blog into old age even if by that time I'm my only reader. It's my hobby. I'd love to either live in city or where I'm leaning towards now a home out in the middle of nowhere were I could have fun things like a bee hive and orchard of course though I want either house to be very impressive, specially the views. Of course I want all of the normal family things that girls my age are into, like a dog (German Shepard!) a man, and kids. I think though that I might go with adoption rather than biological. 

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