Wednesday Lab, Just Boring and Normal

behind the light girl
 My day didn't start out too bad, I woke up about ten, and a real breakfast, bacon eggs and toast, and probably increased my chance of a heart attack at the same time. I headed off to school, and since it was so warm, at least in comparison of recent days I walked to my building the normal way instead of dodging between other ones, I even saw some of the snow that was in the sun melting. As soon as I went into the building I got to work on doing homework corrections for my 171 class, if you remember I almost didn't pass another one of her classes, and going through and "correcting" my homework made me so angry, I just wanted to write her a mean note instead because all of what she marked off for was so silly. Soon enough though some of my friends arrived and I worked a little on the physics pre-lab but did a lot more talking then actual school work. During the physics lab I was a little annoyed because a pompous member of my group HAD to make sure we were doing all of these things exactly how they were supposed to be and kept asking the dumbest questions when we were setting up. We ended up being the last group to finish by about ten minutes because of the time wasted. 

I did though get to take this picture when I was bored sitting there. I'm sure very few of you remember but this is my Oasap heart T-shirt . I also learned that according to some of the other engineering students I'm quite attractive, which I can only believe is because the lack of competition. I mean maybe I look good when I'm trying, but when I go to school, nothing about me looks even remotely nice. When I was leaving the lab, a girl in my 171 class gave me a copy of her study guide because I commented on how I wanted one, she took three hours to put together the whole thing, and it was so nice of her to share. When I went home I studied for about two and a half hours and this four page thing came in handy, much better than the 27 pages of review problems I got from my terrible teacher.  Oh and remember my casual Valentines Day outfit post where I said I wasn't doing anything for Valentines Day? Well it looks like that won't be the case, although I don't think I'm going to be doing anything spectacularly interesting.  
what to know

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