Wasted Time, D Average Test

 Since its a Wednesday, as I'm sure you all know that means it was lab day and I didn't have to be at school until the afternoon. If you didn't know that's okay, sometimes I don't remember either. Today though I drove what my friends seem to think is a "rice burner" because my car died yesterday. It was a much smoother, calmer drive, so maybe it wasn't so bad after all. When I got there I didn't get to do hardly any studying though because even before I got into the building one of the kids in my class caught up to me. We did get our physics pre-lab done, but not much more than that because we were both supposed to be studying calculus but instead decided to talk about that creepy math class kid that has a thing for me, and about that time he came over and so did a few more of my classmates and then nothing at all got accomplished.  As it turns out a whole lot of people did really bad on that physics exam I was worried about, many getting less than 50%, I mean the class average was a D and the teacher didn't even talk to us about it in class. So I guess it could have been worse. 
string with a  cat
When I came home I put on a light sweatshirt, something that also came from Peta Street Team  and tried to work on some math. I was distracted at first by my cat cricket pulling on my sweatshirt strings, which you'll see a video of later this week and then by something for that Move Nourish Believe Challenge that ended up being a waste of time. So now I've got to do some calculus before I head off to bed.

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