Two Very Bad School Days

I know I didn't blog yesterday, but if you remember I kind of did the same thing last week with my three day round up and since I'm just doing two today that isn't so bad. I went to school, early of course to work on my physics homework that I didn't know I had to do until someone texted me early in the morning to see if I had finished it yet. So I worked on that with them and we ended up getting all the right answers (according to the back of the book). That class was so boring though that I had a hard time paying attention. I mean we were calculating the gravitational pull that each of the planets had on the earth. Afterwards it was computer programing in C++ time, and class wasn't as bad as it normally is. I did see though one of the questions that was wrong on the test that I took Sunday, and of course I only missed it because is East Indian English is fairly different than my American English because a function does retain parameter values after being used he should have said something like if he was talking about the original values or the new values. According to my software engineering father I should have gotten that one right. Since its a quiz it isn't that big of a deal, but I'm worried because the tests are going to be just like those quizzes. 
picture of an ugly face
At the end of class our physics tests from last week came online, and we all went to check them out, and I did terrible. I wasn't the only one, with the what seemed like at least half the class getting D's and F's. I was so upset too because this really does hurt my chances at meeting my new goals. So instead of blogging like I do most of the time, I instead started looking at a back up plan, and now that I have that I'm feeling a little better, partially because I like making plans, and a little because I realize that if this whole engineering thing doesn't work out thanks to my random class taking I'll easily be able to change my major to something else that I'd like probably more. 

Today though seemed to be going pretty well. I went to my first class, and got an extra credit point in class and then outside of class got 2 more points for doing an optional assignment. I worked on math understood the stuff. In class I  was actually able to pay attention (well except for the very end) and enjoyed the calculus stuff. All was good until my transmission went out. I talked about thinking my tire fell off awhile back, and my car has made that sound periodically but I always assumed it was a weird texture on the road, when my parents were driving it this weekend (because its the best vehicle for snow) they had heard it too but didn't think it was anything. Well it made that sound again and then pretty much just gave out so I had to pull over to the shoulder where I couldn't even put it in park because it made a horrible sound. Luckily I was close enough to home that I could call my mother who was there within ten minutes, and who called the truck to get it because that thing was not moving. I felt a little sad when my car was being pulled away, because its still so young. Tomorrow it looks like I'll be driving something else and probably for the next few days too. At least I had this nice view while I waited. And now my mac is making a weird clicking sound.

not anywhere
As bad as my week has seemed so far, honestly this isn't all that bad. I still have a lot to be thankful for, and even the bad things weren't that bad, because I wasn't the only one to do bad on the test, and I was super close to home when my car decided to break on me. And of course I have all of my other things to be thankful for, things that matter a little more than what I've been going through this week. 

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