Two Tests the day after Snow

blond hair in old photo
 So I talked about how on Tuesday school ended early, well on Wednesday school was canceled too lucky for me since I had a lot of things to do. So today I went back going in early like I normally do, while I was on the way to school, I noticed the car behind me was going to the same place I was, when I pulled in I saw that the parking lot was completely snow covered, but I think I did a nice job anyways.  I came in and started studying for my Calculus test. While I was sitting there I got a little bored and decided to take a photo of myself. Looking at it, I think I need to focus a little more on my looks. I should probably make my hair look nice and try and wear cute thing on week days not just the weekend. Like my fish scale leggings outfit. After that I studied a little more and then started looking at my anthropology take home test. Then I went to anthropology class and learned about the indigenous people in the South American Rainforest and their slashing and burning techniques. The whole documentary was talking about how they were one with the forest and such but it seems to me like they were doing a lot of harm. Of course though it would be so terrible if they brought people in to teach them better land management and farming techniques. It would disrupt their culture. Then we talked about the infanticide in Inuit culture which seemed in class to be just okay. 

Afterwards I had a few snacks from the vending machine and headed to the building where my 171 class is held. I planned on going to a study abroad meeting, but changed my mind. Instead I sat with my friend and fixed some of my math problems. As it turns out that class will kill me, because we got a mandatory study guide that's 27 pages and the homework from last week I got a terrible score on even though all the answers were correct. A few of the students are going to the department head on Tuesday with their homework to complain, and honestly that's what needs to happen.  Afterwards I sat with my engineering group and although I did look over my study guide a little it was mostly talking. I'm quite worried about that calculus test because although we had 100 minutes to take it I was one of the first done after 35.

Then here's a picture of the street when I was coming home. Everything is still completely covered with snow. That really puts a damper in my plans of starting running, since I want to be a fit kind of girl. At least this weekend I might get to do something fun like when I had that oil painting class

packed down snow

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