Sat Above The Register, Not Much Else

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 This morning, I really didn't want to get up. I set my alarm for snooze twice and then just laid in bed for an extra ten minutes before finally convincing myself to get up. My drive wasn't bad, and there wasn't really frost on my car so I didn't have the freezing hands problem repeat. When I went to school I had to study for my horrible 171 class, trying out the flash cards I made yesterday as well as looking over the book its self, both of which turned out to be not that helpful. A kid from my class came up and wanted to "compare study guide answers" but really that's okay because I ended up getting calculus homework out of him. After going to the bathroom, no selfie from there today I went into my anthropology class. For most of the time I simple worked on my Calculus homework since it was too distracting to do 171 studying. I did pick up on a few things though, about marriage, and being with your sibling. About that time I noticed that I was sitting directly above the heat register and that's why my feet had been feeling so toasty. I've made a mental note of where all of these are and plan on sitting above one at least until winter is over. Later on in the class we talked again about the native amazon people in Brazil (sorry I can't remember their actual name) about how they were going to the government and protesting, and I wasn't impressed. They're way too violent to take any sort of pity on.
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After class, when I was supposed to be studying more, I managed to take this picture of myself. Its an unfiltered unphotoshopped picture of my face or at least how it looks for school. I'm not sure why but in some pictures it looks huge and in others it looks like I barely have any face. Some how my roots aren't showing yet even though its been three months since I've dyed my hair so I'd like to think this is all natural. In the background you can see my BFF the vending machine After my break it was time for my math test, and I'm not at all happy with how it went. I did try and study but there was just so much and it seemed like i didn't focus on the things that she wanted, although prior to the test I had not even a hint towards what those were. In calculus I sort of paid attention and then went home to do book and beauty product reviews, like Wildwood Creek Book Review and Neutrogenia Nourishing Long Wear Foundation

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