Review: Suave Professionals Black Raspberry + White Tea Conditioner

Suave Professionals conditioner
I'll admit that I use a ton of conditioner, and my newest one is this Suave Professionals black raspberry and white tea. It is made with 100% natural black raspberry and white tea, color care nourish color treated hair and its salon proven. With all of this I decided to try out this Suave product, and although I tried Suave Professional Volumizing Conditioner, this Black Raspberry and White Tea is quite different  than that, and it works well.

I absolutely hate the packaging on this Suave Professional Conditioner. I don't mind the green color, but as for the art work, its not all that great. The real problem though is the cap. Sure it looks nice and the bottle can stand either on its top or bottom. The problem though is that the cap is so flimsy. When I popped it open the first time I though the lid was broken, and I expect that will happen quite soon.

The smell of the Black Raspberry and White Tea really does smell like a tea I would drink, I could see it being an Arizona tea. Getting up in the morning and using this conditioner really would be a good wake up. Although I have to use a lot it does make my hair smooth and tangle free.

Overall I really like this Suave Professionals Black Raspberry and White Tea Conditioner. It smells great, and does work pretty well. I wish though that it didn't have such an awful bottle design. If it was a little more like Tresemme Platinum Strength Conditioner looks wise I'd like it a whole lot more.

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