Review: Simple Pleasures Grapefruit Daisy Hand Soap

grapefruit daisy simple pleasures review
Yesterday on my first day of spring break I went to Joann Fabrics, to as you might have guessed get some fabric, and in the check out area saw that they had Simple Pleasure hand soaps for 5/5 so I decided to pick one up. This is different than the Bath & Body Works Pleasures brand that I reviewed before. Overall this soap is just fine, and at its $1 sale price I'd be more than willing to buy it again.

Starting with how this hand soap is packaged, I have to say I love it. A lot of hand soaps have this same wider base which is great to keep them from falling over and leaking out. I love the light pink color of the pump and soap, and the grape fruits and daises on the front would make this soap perfect for a feminine bathroom. The more narrow handle (in comparison to the Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Soap) is just as easy to use, and looks a whole lot better than the thicker ones.

The smell of the Simple Pleasures Grapefruit Daisy, does have a little fruity and a little flowery but it isn't overpowering at all. Unfortunately it also isn't very distinct. It reminds me of something that I'd be using in a church bathroom, or an older lady's house. It doesn't really foam a whole bunch either when you rub it around, but there are some bubbles there.

Overall the Simple Pleasures Grapefruit Daisy Hand Soap is just okay. Its a very good price, and the bottle is very pretty to look at, as well as being easy to use but the smell isn't all that fantastic and it doesn't make as many bubbles as I'd like it to. Instead of Simple Pleasures Grapefruit Daisy Hand Soap I'd much prefer Bath & Body Works Aqua Blossom Hand Soap.

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