Review: Olay Regenerist Cream Cleaner

Olay advanced Anti-aging cleaner
I know that Olay kind of seems like an older woman kind of skin care, and its true just like the Olay Foaming Face Wash I reviewed this Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging regenerating cream cleanser. Even though it isn't a product for skin under the age of twenty, I have to say that I really do like this cleaner and it works for me. 

Starting with the packaging, I feel like this Olay regenerating cream cleaner has done a really good job with the artwork on the front of the bottle. Even though it doesn't fit my bathroom color scheme this is a bottle I'd keep out. I love the easy to open cap and that its a squeeze top. I also like that the cap is wide enough to set it up easily on it, without worrying it'll fall down.

Starting with the smell, it does smell like a cleanser but it's not going to be too overpowering anyone with a sensitive nose. The best part though is how gentle this cleaner is. It has little beads, but they are so tiny compared to the Clean & Clear Blackhead Remover and Clean and Clear Morning burst, so it would be a perfect scrub for someone with sensitive skin.

Although the Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging regenerating cream cleaner isn't exactly made for my age I absolutely will continue using it. For my skin the small beads are fantastic, and it doesn't irritate my skin, actually it feels quite nice. After using it my skin feels so soft, and smooth.

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