Review: Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfumed Body Lotion

Lotion by Estee Lauder perfume beautiful
Even though this lotion isn't really mine, kind of like that Philosophy Hope in a Jar lotion, it actually being my mother's I decided I could do a review over it. She's loved the Estee Lauder Beautiful perfume for about as long as I can remember and got this perfumed body lotion as a part of a set when she bought a certain amount of perfume. I'm also quite fond of the perfume version of the Estee Lauder scent but I have mixed feelings about this lotion, overall I like it but there are a few really big complaints I have.

The first thing I'm not all that impressed by with this Estee Lauder perfumed lotion is the packaging. I know that this is one of those buy something and get this free kind of things, but the bottle is so ugly. The feminine pink color doesn't necessary bother me, but the fact that the writing is so hard to read (in certain lighting its almost invisible) and the bottle shape is quite unappealing too. The worst part though is that with the nozzle a whole bunch of the perfumed lotion ends up dripping down the side and drying to a not so pretty pink, reminds me of dried bubblegum. If this had been a little lighter pink in color like the Simple Pleasures Grapefruit Daisy Hand Soap I think I would have liked it a whole lot better.

The smell of the Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfumed Body lotion smells nothing like the Beautiful perfume or perfumed hand soaps when applied, which isn't a good thing. After a few minutes though it does smell just like the perfume and lasts a lot longer than I expected. The lotion itself goes into the skin well and doesn't seem to leave any residue or greasy shine, and my skin feels soft after using it.

Overall I like how this lotion smells (as long as you wait a few minutes), and it works really well too. The only thing I have to complain about is the packaging which I really hate. I just couldn't display this lotion because its so cheap looking, which being free I guess is being true to itself.

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