Rain Boots & Half Price Pizza

I'm really quite proud of myself for getting up a post, yesterday even if it was just a compilation of the past three days , because I was mad studying for another anthropology test as well trying to get two different math assignments done. I ended up getting no math done, but four chapters of a very dry textbook read. I ended up going to bed pretty late, and then this morning I had such a hard time getting up, when I finally did I was so rushed that I forgot my lunch money for the day. I did however check my emails and see that that the Dressale Scam Company emailed me asking if I wanted to do another giveaway, even though I was 1. never paid for the last one 2. Sent them the post trashing them.

 "Hi, dear
How are you? I am Jenny from Dressale.com. Now we have another giveaway post. Are you interested in it? The compensation for the post is the same. We will also credit the money on your Dressale account for you to shop on your website. We know we have a lot of problems in our previous cooperation. But we promise that we will try ourselves to to it better in this time. I attached the details in this email. If you make it, please let me know and send me the link. We are looking forward to receiving from you."

I mean really? On the way to school, I saw a house burning something that I've never seen before. From far away I could see the black smoke, and when I went past it I was surprised that although there were a few cars pulled over I'm assuming to try and help the fire department wasn't there yet, although one is very close to where the house was. 

red and brown boots
 Once I got to school, I was all about studying more anthropology and looked through the online notes at one of the computers in this "email bar" that I prefer to the library. While I was there I took a picture of my shoes that I guess I was a pansy for wearing, although wet feet are no joking matter, I'm no medical student but I feel like fungus could be one of the risks. My anthropology test took me over an hour, but afterwards I did get to leave and then went to work on the math homework that needed done. The first of the homework assignments was surprisingly easy, but the other one, wasn't nearly so much.  Somehow while working on it I got distracted enough to look up the Indianapolis Indians Baseball Team, something I can't at all explain especially since I wasn't wearing my baseball shirt. Afterwards I tried to work on calculus but ended up looking in the answer book. 
it looks like a  cat
Then I went to my first math class, where annoyingly enough I couldn't see anything. I only sit two sits back but the desks are so close together and one of those persons is quite large so I couldn't see any of the board. Afterwards I went to sit with my engineering classmates and do the graded math problem for calculus as well as the extra credit. Since we had a lot of time before the next class, for once my 171 class let out early two of the boys went to get pizza, since one of them works there and gets it for half off. So I had three slices of pizza, then a woman invited us to eat fruit and cookies, because no one showed up for the english club meeting so that was nice too. After sitting through calculus I went home, where nothing at all eventful happened, and then did a book review of Heaven is for Real

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