OOTD: Oasap Batwing Cuffed Sweater

its a bat sleeve sweater with skirt
My outfit today, was a simple and fairly put together look, that's for the warmer weather that's been happening lately. The feature of the outfit, is this Batwing Cuffed Sweater that was given to me by Oasap. When I first tried it on (after buying it online) I wasn't quite sure how I was going to wear it. Originally I had planned out an outfit in my head wearing it with jeans, but I could tell that wasn't going to work. Luckily though I realized how great it would look tucked into a skirt and actually like this a lot better than I think I would if I had worn it with jean. 

I decided to go with my BCBG skirt, for a few reason. The first being because its winter and this is actually a pretty thick skirt, but more importantly because of the color and fit. I love the bright pink color in contrast with the grey sweater, and that black band across the top makes my waist look tiny. I decided to add the gold pendant because it needed a necklace, although now that I think about it a string of pearls might have been nicer. The last thing I added were the sparkly flats because I thought they were a little more casual to finish out the look, and give it a nice dressed up but not too much look. You can see my video wearing the Batwing Cuffed Sweater below. 

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