My Week So Far (Its just school stuff)

lab in college
My monday didn't start out too bad. Nothing was due so I wasn't rushing to get school work done, I just read through my physics book for a test. Of course that didn't last too long though because I always end up getting distracted by people that go by. When I went to physics class, I did much better job listening to the lecture than I normally do, and took notes. Then, in the engineering building I had some whitecastles for my dinner that someone else brought in. Afterwards it was time for my computer programing class, where my phone was taken, and when I finally was able to get it back I had the above pictures. I was so worried about my phone the whole time that I barely got anything done. Worse I think than failing my first program.  
an old mouse picture
 On Tuesday I found out about a bad test grade and was very upset, it did make me a little less upset though that a lot of people in the class also didn't do very well. Later I was sitting down, waiting for my next class, a couple walked by and started yelling that one of the offices were out to lunch and that their kids were going to freeze and that the person was good for nothing. Of course it was one of the government help programs for the public, that just so happens to be at my school. Afterwards when I was at one of the computers I almost took the mouse with me on accident.
what needs to be known for physics
Today I had to study for physics and actually went in four hours early to do so, which may sound impressive but since I had been studying nearly as much as I should have it isn't actually that impressive. I seemed to know a lot of the answers so I'm hoping I did pretty well on it. 

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