Move Nourish Believe Week 2

Working on nutrition
Well last week I talked about the beginning of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge that's sponsored by Fit Approach and Lorna Jane Active wear, and now its time to talk about my second week of the challenge, the Nourish part. Just like last week you could have seen these pictures earlier on Instagram, so for those that follow me their you have seen this all before. I have to say that I'm not sure how I felt about this week, it just wasn't as fun as last week.

The first challenge for this week was meatless monday. Although I talked about the Peta Street Team  before, I'm not currently a vegan, or even a vegetarian like I used to be.  Doing this challenge actually made me rethink if I wanted to do this again because it's a good thing, not only compassion wise, but also for the environmental and health reasons. I'm sure that as soon as I live on my own though that its something that I'll try out. 

The next thing that that was on the challenge list was bring your lunch to work, or in my case to school. I had a simple sub but it got me thinking. Maybe if I didn't spend so much time with the vending machine  I'd not only be healthier but save a little money as well. I mean, I have a microwave I can use at school so almost anything I can take. 

Then I had to document what I ate for the whole day, or journal it. First up were eggs and bacon for breakfast, and I'm sure that wasn't healthy. Then there was the bean burrito for lunch with sweet corn. For dinner was chicken and of course I had to have a dessert of ice-cream.

Then there was the challenge for making a smoothie. My mother has been into making them for awhile so she was pretty excited that I wanted her to make one for me. Mine was a banana sort of contraption. The last challenge was to go raw, so today I had beans with vinegar. 

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