Move Nourish Believe Challenge Week One

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If you've been following me on instagram you probably noticed that I've been posting a picture everyday with the a few hashtags like #mnbchallenge #sweatpink #lornajane well that's all for a reason. I'm taking part in a challenge run by Fit Approach as well as Lorna Jane Active wear that runs the month of February to be healthier, which was one of my New Year's Resolutions. So I decided that I should take part in the challenge and share it with you guys. I'll be doing this next week and the week after too. 

The first challenge of the week was to show your favorite way to sweat. The top right picture is how I like to sweat. With running shoes, and light weights. Maybe it is a little stereotypical old woman behavior to use the weights but my arm muscles need it. Unfortunately there has been a lot of snow lately so running in the street, and for much shorter than I like is the only option.

The next challenge was to change up how you work out. I decided to do short interval work outs five minutes of completely different things. Although this is a little mentally taxing I think doing this all the time would produce great results.

Then there was planking. For the longest time planking has been the way to getting great abs in a lot of people's minds, and its so true. Much better for you then doing a ton of crunches, and in my opinion an even better work out. Try it for five minutes. 

Thursday's Challenge was about sweating with a buddy. One of my favorites, is to go hiking in brown county. Another one, that I didn't even think counted until I saw everyone posting pictures, would be taking a walk with my dog Checkers  Partnering up really is a great way to go to keep motivated and go the extra mile quite literally. 

Today, the challenge was pretty simple, just picture five fitness things that you love. One was strawberries or really any healthy food but fruits are my favorite, another being light weighs, which I mentioned before, then sunny days for a nice run and yoga. Of course my favorite is the yoga pants, and just work out clothes in general.

You can get your own cute workout clothes at and join me in the Move Nourish Believe Challenge

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