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what I do photos
Well the first photo is of the passenger side of my car, maybe when my car broke. There's my physics book as well as my winter coat that has been with me since at least sophomore year of high school. Its been the only thing I've worn lately because its so cold, and my other coats are just pretty things. I normally throw my books on the floor when I get in because if I set them on the seat they end up at the floor anyways. 

Then next photo is from when I made a bear at school.  You can see its fur as well as the t-shirt that I got for free that day. My math book is also pictures which is something that was misplaced that day but ended up just being at the front of the classroom. 

Down below that is a picture I sent someone when they asked me where I was. I seriously have no idea what anything is called, although I'm sure they all have names and I just don't know them. This place I was sitting at was pretty great. It has these window seat looking things with padding and they feel so cosy. There is even a few of the courtyard. 

The bottom right photo is one from the move nourish believe week two challenge . Its a smoothie that we made, but I wasn't the biggest fan. I hate tasting pieces of orange skin, so I don't think I'd want a smoothie with that again.

Next to that is a screen shot that I accidentally took. It is of my Instagram app that I sometimes use, but not so much right now. Since then I've changed my phone background along with everything else. 

Last is a photo of the ColumBUS. First of all whoever came up with the name was so clever they should have gotten a promotion and a huge bonus. I wish I lived in Columbus so I could ride it because the rides are $0.25 each and less if you book in advance. I swear I'd never use a car if I had this. I hate driving anyways and the bus looks so nice.

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